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Fast, easy, flexible and fun. CORE makes it easy to track time by providing options from daily, weekly and bi-weekly time cards to timers that can be paused and played throughout the day. Two minutes per day is all it takes.


CORE makes it effortless to track all expenses and receipts while linking them to projects for accounting and billing purposes. With the CORE Mobile app you never need to wait and suffer completing travel expenses again.


With CORE Mobile you no longer need to save paper receipts. Snap a picture and CORE will turn it into a digital receipt while converting the information into an expense record. CORE AI can even determine the tax and expense type.


Marketing Magic

Manage your marketing campaigns, lead scoring, conversions and RFI/RFQ tracking in CORE with ease and watch the bottom of the funnel get wider.

Standardize Sales Process

Determine what works and duplicate it. Create standardized email templates that are proven to be the most effective. Increase your win rate and shorten the sales cycle.

Manage Sales Campaigns

Monitor, control, and improve marketing and sales campaigns. Understanding the value and what is working for each campaign is critical to your success. BQE CORE CRM provides you the insights to make the right decisions.

Centralize Your Resources

Sharing the right document often determines if a sale happens. Avoid sending out-of-date or poor performing resources. BQE CORE CRM allows you to control which of your marketing materials are shared with prospects.

Produce Actionable Reports

BQE CORE CRM allows you to create, build, and customize your reports, your way! Choose from ready-made reports or build your own. Always have the most relevant information at a click of a button.

All-In-One Solution

Create and manage leads, sales pipeline, and client relationships in one centralized platform that fully integrates with CORE. With all your data in one place you have complete, accurate, and actionable insights.


Time and Expense Tracking, Project Management, Scheduling, Billing and Accounting
The Future of Accounting

Best Return on Investment

Don't let your hours fall through the cracks. Capture at least 2 more billable hours/week, resulting in additional $50,000 revenue per person.

The Future of Accounting

Automatic Overtime

With an automatic Overtime Calculator, CORE makes it easy for your company to stay in compliance with hour and wage regulations.

The Future of Accounting

Time is Money

The most elegant and advanced billing system available. With automatic billing and e-Payments, your time and expenses will be converted into revenue effortlessly and accurately. Happy clients, happier staff, healthier finances.

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The 360-degree, business management platform with business and artificial intelligence giving you insights into every aspect of your firm. With automation throughout the platform, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Why Should You Care

It's time for something better. Your managers don't have the info they need. Invoicing takes too long and it's hard to get information about performance. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to do everything in your firm.

Project Management, Accounting & Business Intelligence

Do you get to focus your time on the things that you value? Are you distracted by clutter and repetition? Make tedious work a thing of the past and get real visibility into your firm so you can focus on being productive.

Customer Testimonials

Wakif B.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"I feel liberated with CORE."

"CORE has met our firms needs and has delivered on every aspect of CRM and Project Management. In my capacity as an Accounts Manager, I feel liberated to access critical client data in real time. Ability to update the CORE database remotely from multiple devices has increased efficiency and productivity for the Finance & Accounting Dept. Seamless integration across one interface has been a game changer for project management. Collaboration, time and expense entries and accessing overall health of projects is readily available. Key performance indicators and customizable dashboards offers the foodies who eat with their eyes an appetizing experience using CORE."

Kathy M.

Financial Services

5 star rating

"BQE CORE was easy to setup for our firm. No extensive training required."

"CORE adapted to our client specific unique billing needs and the way we pay our professionals. With CORE we have now easy access to performance of our staff and clients through customizable dashboards and a wide variety of reports. We are also excited to try the CRM features of CORE making sure all our business processes from prospects (earning new business) to existing clients are handled in one integrated software. Love the ability to track all time and expenses by jobs."

Autumn H.


5 star rating

"CORE has been a huge time saving for us."

"CORE has been a huge time savings for us. The ease of creating invoices, making and customizing reports, and entering time has improved our ability to get more done overall. We have been very pleased with all aspects of customer service, the integration team, custom reports team, trainers, and call center for the one off type questions and issues. We would recommend CORE to anyone on the fence about the service. It is such a user-friendly software program."


CORE makes data entry a thing of the past through integrations with popular software
like QuickBooks Online, Dropbox, and more.

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